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Have you just started university?  Are you thinking of going to university? Whether you live in Hertfordshire or study here, we have something for you.

Starting university is an exciting experience, but it can also bring its own unique challenges. It’s natural to feel nervous or overwhelmed during the first few weeks at university, and it can be a while before you feel like you’ve found your feet.

The Thrive & Survive Guide has been created to help you adjust to university life: providing ideas, information and advice on things you might need to know to support your wellbeing. It has been developed with young people so that it covers all the important areas. It is here to provide a single source that you can reach for when you need that information or could use some tips.

Thrive and survive guide (PDF 839KB)Opening in a new window

More resources supporting the Thrive & Survive Guide will be available. Please check back soon.